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St. Mary the Virgin Church  -  Shackleford


The largest of the three churches in the benefice, St. Mary's seats 150-200. As one might expect from such a splendid building, it has a relatively new heating system and there is a designated area for children, with toys. books and crayons. The popular family service, which is well attended by children, is held monthly.


Please check the ‘Services’ page for service times  You might like to let us know if you would like to receive a regular text message to remind you of the weekly service times across the benefice.


Said Eucharist with hymns

This service uses the services most recently produced by the Church of England and includes three hymns accompanied on the organ. Lasts about 45 minutes and followed by refreshments in church.


Family Service

A very informal service aimed at children and attended by adults as well.  The service is interactive lasts about 25 minutes and followed by refreshments in church.


Sung Eucharist

A fully sung service with four hymns and choir anthem at Communion, accompanied on the organ. Lasts about 1 hour and followed by refreshments in church.


To Find St Mary's Curch, Shackleford:


St Mary's is located in Shackleford Road which crosses Elstead Road, and the  postcode is: GU8 6AE. This is indicated on the map below.

The church is open most days between 11.00am and 5.00pm. Entrance is usually via the South door, although the main West door can be opened and a ramp can be placed there enabling access for wheelchairs.


The village hall and nursery are almost next door, there is off road parking in the area, but no designated parking for the church. For large services, arrangements can sometimes be made with a local land owner to park in their field.


There is a pipe organ and a single bell which rings prior to regular services taking place.  Sadly the bell is unsuitable for weddings so, if you are planning to get married at St. Mary's, you might like to consider a local handbell ringing group who can be found here:


The cemetery is a working cemetery and therefore in use for burials and interment of ashes.  In line with normal diocesan rules, any parishioner or member of the church electoral roll may be laid to rest here.


Shackleford, Norney and Peper Harow are geographically close and with the A3 to Guildford and Milford / Godalming nearby, where there are many facilities available to host post funeral gatherings and celebratory occasions such as weddings and baptisms.

Nearby Compton also has a number of facilities and there are golf club facilities at Hurtmore,  Charterhouse and Puttenham. Members of the church electoral roll may be laid to rest here and additional family members may also be included at the discretion of the priest and PCC (parochial church council.


Further information about the war memorial can be found HERE

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